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There is no better way of marketing your company than your employees wearing clothing with your company logo or giving clients branded gifts to remember you by.



Branded promotional items – if they are worth doing, they are worth doing right. Your company brand is precious. Properly executed, branded merchandise can make a smaller business look bigger and more professional than it really is. This gives their clients comfort, visible proof as it were that they are dealing with a reliable outfit with some substance. In business as in much of life appearance is everything. Cleverly selected branded merchandise can also complete the marketing mix for a big brand keen to retain that critical ‘top-of-mind’ edge amongst clients. As the end of the year draws closer, client gifting is on many corporate agendas. Here’s a quick insiders peek at what to look out for.

  • Going it alone almost always ends in tears. Use a reputable promotional gifting company. They will have many years of experience and a solid list of contacts from embroiderers and screen printers to specialist product importers on their books. While you (or your secretary) might be able to source some products, the finer details of tampo (or pad printing), screen and litho printing are best left to the professionals.
  • It’s your artwork. Ensure you receive all of the artwork generated for your order at the end of the job. Embroidery tapes and positives are expensive. Why pay for digitising your logo every time you have your logo embroidered? Many embroidery companies will keep your design on file – but this means you have to use that company every time. Insist on these being returned and start your own company brand library of materials.
  • Spend the money. It’s worth doing properly. It is your brand on the item for goodness sake; be careful of the message you send. If budget is an issue, it is sometimes better not to do it at all than to do it badly.
  • Insist on proofs. Before any printing or branding takes place, insist on signing-off on all artwork and products. Never make changes to artwork or branding over the phone. E-mails and faxes ensure there is a paper trail should things go wrong.
  • Plan properly. Nearly every time there is an issue with a print or product, it is because the instructions have been left until the last minute. Overnight printing to ensure that T-shirts are ready for tomorrow’s golf day is recipe for disaster. Allow ample time for proofs to be run and proper sign-off before production begins. Promotional items like diaries and desk pads are usually printed in bulk surprisingly early in the year. Don’t miss the boat.
  • Double and triple check sizes. Promotional garments are sourced from many different factories. Locally manufactured items could be very different in size to those imported from the Far East. If in doubt, ask to see a sample. If you don’t know the sizes of the people receiving your company shirts (or the items are for stock), work on a ratio of 1 small; 4 medium; 4 large; 2 extra large;1 double XL – although this may change if the garments are odd sizes … or if they are intended for a rugby team.
  • Be clever. Work with your promo company to find interesting and different gift ideas. Avoid becoming lost in the clutter. There are useful electronic aids like USB hubs and similar items that could find their way onto your client’s desk and stay there indefinitely, delivering your branded message day after day.
  • There’s an old adage: do you want to speak to the boss, or do you want to speak to the person who gets things done around here? Never underestimate the key influencers around your client. His secretary, the company receptionist or his PA all influence the decisions the head of the company makes. Why supply the boss with a pen that he is never going to use when you could supply his receptionist with a pack of pens that will soon spread throughout the entire company? Get creative.

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